Exercise Plans



The PullFit360 is a great tool for home fitness.  Small, multi-purpose and unique, the PullFit360 enables the performance of many types of strength training and fitness routines in every location.  Exercise at home, whether your house, apartment, dorm room, etc. Below are just three examples of different exercise routines that can be completed using the PullFit360.

Circuit Training

It is difficult to beat the return on investment that circuit training offers.  In a relatively short period of time an excellent muscle development AND cardio workout can be performed well.

The principal is quite simple and the routines are flexible and especially well suited for home exercise.  Try to alternate ‘push’ and ‘pull’ type exercises.

  • Select of series of exercises
  • Do 5 to 10 reps of each exercise
  • Perform each exercise immediately after the previous exercise
  • NO breaks between exercises
  • After completing all of the reps with each exercise take a 2-3 minute rest
  • Repeat the circuit 3 times
  • Again, during a circuit there are no breaks between the exercises.

As you build stamina and strength, you will be able to add weight plates for more resistance.  The PullFit360 Slide On/Off plates are ideal for adding resistance and for use as dumbbells.

Sample weight circuit:

  1. Push Up
  2. Plank Chin Up
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. Tricep extension
  5. Squat
  6. Dip
  7. Plank Pull Up
  8. Calf Raise
  9. Upright Row
  10. Side Fly with weight plates
  11. Plank Pose

Traditional Strength Training 

This type of exercise routing is widely viewed as being ideal for building muscle mass and strength.  The PullFit360 enables the full range of muscle building exercises.

Typically each exercise is performed in three sets with short breaks between each set.  Breaks are typically 1-3 minutes. With each set the weight is increased and the number of reps decreases.

As an example, Curls:  the first set use the PullFit360 and perform 10 good reps. Rest for 2 minutes and add a 10lb. weight plate to the base of each leg.  Perform 6-8 good reps and then rest for 2 minutes. Add more weight to the PullFit360 so that you can now perform 4-6 GOOD reps.  After the third set your targeted muscle group should be nearly quivering with fatigue.

Rest a few minutes between exercises.  You can structure a workout to target one muscle group with slightly different exercises and vary muscle group by day, or hit every muscle group in a single day taking skipping a couple days between workouts.

Super Sets

The concept with super sets is pretty much a combination of the above two, Circuit and Traditional, alternating pull and push.  Perform one exercise immediately followed by its opposite. Do 3-5 sets of these with 1-2 minute rests between sets. After the final set, pick another push/pull and repeat.

For example:  push up and plank pull-up; dips and plank chin-up, curl and tricep extension, shoulder press and upright row.

Mix it up by adding weights for the second and third sets.  A key component of fitness and strength training is mixing it up, not letting your body become to accustomed to any single challenge.

For example, when adding weight plates to the PullFit360, only add to one side. This asymmetrical training forces the body to engage different muscle groups, especially in the core, in order to maintain stability.

Being small, versatile, and portable the PullFit360 is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for ‘home exercise’ and strength training.  Using the PullFit360 will help to develop muscle strength and cardio fitness, pulling you into a more healthy lifestyle.