Why Exercise?

Why Do I Work Out?

I’ve often asked my self this very same question, “why do you work out?”, and not really been able to answer myself – especially the day after a particularly difficult exercise session.

A few years ago while sitting around the breakfast table with my daughters they asked me why I worked out so much. I had to ponder that for a short while: building bulk wasn’t a goal, though strength was; competing in a specific event wasn’t on my radar; bragging rights just wasn’t my cup of tea. It then hit me like a lightning bolt, I exercise so that I could actually enjoy the activities that I that I enjoy. Kind of catch-22 sounding, right?

There had been too many instances when I had participated in an activity and the next week my body reminded constantly what a foolish thing that was, like playing 2 ½ hours of pick up soccer on a full field after not having played soccer for something in the area of 20 years, nor even sprinting for decades. Yup, I had what my older daughter affectionately referred to as ‘soccer legs’ – I could hardly walk, and stairs were an especial treat. Or that time when a few friends invited me to hit the local climbing gym, I didn’t have the strength and stamina to enjoy the climbing and felt like heck the next few days.

My idea of exercise has evolved over the years and has focused on home exercise. Home exercise is so relatively easy and the time commitment is minimal. A solid strength routine can be achieved in 15-20 minutes, cardio the same. Heck, performing a series of weight circuits hits strength and cardio. This is where the PullFit360 comes in: it is small, portable, and versatile. It can be used to perform total body strength training and provide a great cardio workout. Furthermore, with the addition of easy on/off weight plates traditional muscle building exercises and routines can be performed.

Bottom line is, whether you have 15 minutes or 50 do something. Your body will thank you, and you will enjoy more what you enjoy! Share your ideas on our Facebook page, pullfit360.