Travel and Fitness

In addition to a dedicated ‘work out’ I try to make it a habit to at the very least go for a nice walk every day – weather permitting of course.   Too cold or precipitation will for sure put the kibosh on the walk!

There are several reasons for this:  1) walking is very healthy with low impact, 2) it is easy to be social while walking, 3) it can be done just about anywhere with no special equipment.  One of the biggest upsides is that it helps to keep you prepared for new opportunities.

On a recent trip abroad we found ourselves with a half day of open time.   Over breakfast we debated what we should do and decided on a long cliff walk.  A short train ride brought us to a beautiful seaside community and  a brisk, mostly uphill, 1 mile walk took us from the station to the trail head.  We explored the cliff trails for a couple of hours and the sun burst through the clouds throwing an incredible rainbow over the harbor!

Our walk back into town routed us directly in front of a tea shop and we hopped in for a hot cuppa.  Easy train ride back to lodgings and balance of scheduled activities.

This side trip was so awesome, one of the highlights of the entire vacation.  We were able to enjoy it because we are all fairly active, in the sense that we all walk a lot in everyday life.  This enabled us to take a fairly rigorous day hike on a whim and totally enjoy it.

Put on those walking shoes………….!