The Full Circle
of Fitness

introducing pullfit360

The PullFit360 is a unique, versatile, and easy to use piece of home exercise equipment that enables the full circle of strength training: from squats, to plank pull-ups, to shoulder presses and everything in between.

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Life isn't just a push.

The PullFit360 is a unique piece of home fitness equipment that enables the performance of key body weight exercises: Plank Pull-ups, Plank Chin-ups, and Dips.

Finally an effective way to strengthen the back, pulling, muscles – Because life isn’t just a push.

Use the PullFit360 as a barbell, dumbbell, weight rack, and stand. A home gym in a compact and small configuration.

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Build Muscle and Improve Cardio

Build muscle and improve cardio with a full body workout using one simple piece of fitness equipment.

The PullFit 360 is an incredibly versatile piece of fitness equipment. Use the PullFit360 for strength based cardio exercise and traditional strength training.

Accomplish a total body workout with the PullFit360 configured normally or stored. Slide On/Off weight plates provide extra resistance as needed.

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Strengthen the core. Tone muscles. Improve cardio. Build muscle.



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The PullFit360 requires minimum space for exercise and is ideal for home fitness, apartment, condo, and dorm.

No anchor points needed! No special tools needed. No dedicated space.

Take it with you! Do your muscle development and/or cardio on the deck, at the park, wherever you go.